Life is an amazing journey!

Hi! My name is Lori! I help people express the most beautiful version of themselves so that their life is both attractive and joyful. As a child I was abused and was often confused about how to create my life. I was an active athlete both in high school and college, in social clubs and had boyfriends and friends. However something was always off. I was not complete. I did not have it all. There was this big wound that needed to be healed. And to be honest I always knew it.

Feeling “off” gave myself permission to rebel against any system scoring me in trouble but not too much trouble at varying times in my adulthood. It gifted me with amazing experiences living around the world in villages and temples in India, nature hot spots in Australia, European cities and more. I found yoga in my early 20s to heal and get to know myself better. I thought that if I did this I wouldn’t get so confused. The truth is Yoga, healing, and transformational programs…  they work!

What I have gotten from doing “work” on myself is amazing relationships with my family. To give you an example, I currently live on a tiny street in my hometown with 4 generations of my family members. The age range is 1 years old to 90 years old, my son and grandmother respectively. This happened all because of the yoga, ritual and transformational work I have dedicated my life to. This stuff works! I have helped thousands of people and seen thousands of people transform their lives to live they way they want to live.

HOW?:  I teach you through coaching, ritual, spiritual counsel and yoga.

WHEN?:  We meet on your clock and during my scheduled hours.

Woburn Yoga and Wellness 

Reach Out To Lori:   lori.odoherty@gmail.com